Message from the Founder/Chairman

In my early youth era and a man that was raised in a business oriented family, I knew from an early stage that education and searching for knowledge is imperative in being successful.

I chose to have mentors, Idols and leaders that I look up to, which accelerated my learning process. In my late 20’s and constant learning, I began to start carving my own path and shaping my ultimate dream. Part of this ultimate dream was to always create a vision that will always give back and have a positive impact on my community.

In 2007, when I first arrived to this glamourous city, Dubai, it inspired me and sparked my vision to be larger than what it was already set out.

This vision and my ecosystem that I built to help me achieve these goals, overtime, was constantly evolving in a few facets of the business and corporate industries.

Dubai is a continuous heroic story of success that is leading the way the business landscape operates, especially, in the Real Estate industry.

Real Estate Masters (REM) is one part of my vision. REM is a success story that focus on providing end users or investors the experience of a profitable investment or a place that they can call “Home” while delivering customer service excellence.

With a team of experienced Property Advisors and strategic management, together, ensure that our clients have a remarkable and unforgettable experience throughout their real estate endeavor, and although I dream big I still believe that a medium size company that is well-structured can be more profitable and managed.

This can only be achieved by a strategy, and I believe that the best strategy is to always be proactive and predict potential gaps and come with solutions,

My Ultimate Goal remains to have a company that is not operated by an individual but instead by Modern and up to date Systems and processes coping with the speed evolutions of technology happening around us and not by

At the end I will always dedicate this success to the soul of my Father who will always be my Hero and superior Idol.