In a resounding testament to the visionary leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Dubai has achieved a remarkable milestone, solidifying its global leadership. The city has clinched the top position regionally and an impressive 8th rank internationally in the prestigious Global Power City Index 2023. This achievement underscores Dubai's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation under the guidance of its visionary ruler.

Key Achievements in Global Power City Index 2023:

Corporate Tax Rate Excellence:

Dubai proudly claims the top spot globally for its competitive corporate tax rate, showcasing its attractiveness for businesses and investors alike.

Workstyle Flexibility Leadership:

The city leads in workstyle flexibility, reflecting Dubai's commitment to fostering a dynamic and adaptable professional environment.

Low Unemployment Rate Prowess:

Dubai stands tall as the 1st globally in maintaining a low unemployment rate, a testament to its robust economic ecosystem.

Satisfaction with City Cleanliness:

Residents and visitors alike express high satisfaction with Dubai's cleanliness, securing the 1st position globally in this crucial parameter.

Cultural Interaction Excellence:

Dubai continues to shine in the realm of cultural interaction, retaining its 4th position for the second consecutive year.

Top Global Rankings

  • 2nd in the number of Luxury hotel rooms.
  • 4th in International freight flows.
  • 5th in the Number of cultural events.
  • 5th in Tourist attractions.
  • 5th in Cities with direct international flights.
  • 6th in the number of air passengers.
  • 9th in the number of international conferences.
  • 9th in the number of hotel rooms.
  • 10th in the number of startups.

Dubai's consistent presence among the global leaders in various categories showcases its multifaceted prowess. From being a global business hub with a favorable corporate tax environment to providing unparalleled cultural experiences and tourist attractions, Dubai stands as a beacon of success. As it continues to attract international conferences, nurture startups, and lead in air passenger traffic, Dubai's ascent in the Global Power City Index 2023 reaffirms its status as a city of the future, where innovation, opportunity, and excellence converge.

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